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Macosquin Primary School, Coleraine

Physical Education


Physical Education in the curriculum provides the opportunity for specific attention to be given to the physical development, health and well-being of children.

All pupils receive structured PE lessons weekly and are given the following opportunities which extends further such development:

  • Extra-Curricular Sports  of Tennis, Judo, Rugby, Football, Netball, gymnastics, horse riding
  • swimming for all classes
  • an active playground
  • walk a mile- daily challenge currently in Key Stage 2

We firmly place great importance of such development not only for well being but to build confidence and self esteem. Physical exercise can also lead to increased cognitive thinking and further attainment in other learning areas.



Parents play a vital role in the health of their children and can strongly influence the choices they make at school. Making good choices regarding physical activity and nutritious food leads to improved health — and healthier students are better learners.

What can parents and families do? Here are a few ideas:


Provide Opportunities for Activity
Enroll their children in after school sports, classes or recreational activities
Expose them to a variety of physical activities
Identify ways to be active around your home or community

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits
Provide healthy snacks
Prepare meals with food from all of the food groups
Cook with your children

Be a Role Model
Be active regularly — and invite your child to join you
Reduce your own television and computer time
Cook more and eat out less

Monitor Screen Time
Limit the time spent each day using computers, video games and television
Avoid eating in front of the television

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